Sunday, April 23, 2006

Approved for Takeoff!

Linda has been recovering from surgery for the past two weeks. This week she got the OK from the doc to start driving again, which should help reduce cabin fever. She still can't pick up Elydia. We are thankful for everyone's prayers and support.

Flyin' High on Easter Weekend

We visited Akron on Easter weekend, and all of our kids had a great time playing with the cousins. This shows Anna and Sarah getting air time on the trampoline. We also heard Chris speak at church (he just returned from his mission to Spain), launched a rocket, went to Gabe's (ladies), went on a bike hike (Dan and Will, Will got a flat tire), and just had a nice time.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

cousin vs. cousin

This is a picture of Joe and his cousin Izak. They are playing basketball. Izak won! They both seem to like basketball.

Baby's First Swim

This post is about Joe's baby sister's first swim. She did not like being splashed. She loved it. Elydia loves the water!

Tooth Fairy

On Tuesday Amaya lost a tooth. Her mom pulled it out before a soccer practice.Typed by Joseph.By Amaya.

Yoga Stretch

The school offered an evening of Yoga, Karate, and Pilates, and so we went and tried them all out. It was great fun. Joe's favorite was Karate. It was especially fun to count to ten in Japanese, and to see the art teacher asking you to punch and kick. The photo shows Amaya and Joe stretching in the Yoga class. I found that Yoga left me with the most 'buzz' in my muscles. 'The Tree' was the pose that I found most challenging. I was more like a tree on a really windy day, since I couldn't keep my balance. The kids all did great.

Balloon Boy

For his birthday, Grandma gave Joe a book on how to make balloon creations. As you can see, he has read the book. This is a sample of just a few of the things he done with the balloons. Fortunately, the book also came with a balloon inflator. I've tried to inflate these things, and - wow - they are tough. Joe is sporting his blue ray gun, his pink Martian hat, and his purple and yellow Martian.

The District Pinewood Derby

Joe got to race his car in the district pinewood derby last week. At our pack's race, he won 3rd place. Joe's is the yellow car. This is the 2nd car he's built, and I think his car gets better each year.