Saturday, August 25, 2007

We're OK!

Thanks everyone for your prayers, and for checking in on us. It has been a crazy week. Findlay flooded - worst since 1913 - here's a slideshow taken by a friend of a friend of a friend. The region is very flat, so when the river swells beyond its banks, the water goes everywhere. Here's a plot that shows the river height as a function of time. Thankfully, our home stayed dry.

Sweet Corn!

One of the best things about Ohio is the Sweet Corn. This year's has been especially sweet because of dry conditions earlier in the year. We put up about 40 qts, with help from the kids and one of Anna's friends, Katie. By the time we were done, the kids were getting really good at getting the corn off of the cob. Katie managed to get all of the corn off of one of her cobs in just 5 long slices!

Family Reunion

On 12 Aug, the Mars clan converged at Malabar Farm in Mansfield to enjoy a few hours together. Check out all of the suburbans! It was a perfect day - sunny, warm, clear skies - in a beautiful place, with lots of siblings and cousins and grandparents. The kids checked out the horses and goats and sheep, and played cornhole and sack races. The sibs traded memories from when we were little. The food was great... Heaven.

When in Rome...

The first week of August the cub scouts did day camp. Theme: Roman Empire. Ere'sHay oeJay ithway ishay argettay omfray uhthey eebeebay ungay angeray. He got to 'kiss the chicken' on the climbing tower.