Sunday, April 08, 2007


We just got back from our spring break visit to Paul and Lydia in Tennessee. Photos are below: That's Linda sewing buttons with Lydia, and Elydia playing with Buster, the 3-week-old goatly lamb. And Anna E. in her greenhouse. And the whole family the night before we left.

There was a cold snap while we were down. Although it was much warmer than in Ohio, it was still quite chilly. In fact, it briefly snowed there! Its a critical time for Paul's crops, and we spent evenings covering everything, and loading greenhouse fireplaces with fuel. During the day, the boys went logging with Paul. We felled a number of white oaks, hauled the trunks out of the woods by horse, then watched the truck load the trunks and haul them to the mill. We had long, deep conversations about family, the gospel, culture, technology, life.
We visited all the neighbors that Paul visited. I was amazed at how many people he has contact with every day, and enjoyed chatting with them. Because Paul doesn't have a phone, he relies on an elderly neighbor for long-distance communications, and he gets his news from everyone he meets. The weather is an important topic here.
The ladies stayed at home and made some delicious meals. The girls made soap. One night Linda did tacos and Mexican Hot Chocolate for everyone. We had Berry punch, a treat made by preserving blackberries in sugar water. All of the kids got to take a turn riding Duke (the horse).
On our way home, we stopped for an hour or two in Scottsville, Kentucky, where there was a Plain (this term encompasses the Amish, Mennonites, and other related groups) auction that Ida, Emanuel, Emery, and Anna attended. The auction was attended by several thousand Plain folks (and their friends and admirers). Joe liked the auctioneers especially. We thought they only did that funny jingle-talkity-talk in movies, movies, movies, hey! Will liked the Chili and hotdog. Linda liked the shovel she bought. Elydia liked the chickens.