Monday, May 29, 2006

Lawnmower Girl

Another sign that our little Anna isn't so little anymore - she is mowing the lawn. And she does a fine job, too, I might add. She is also looking for babysitting jobs...

May Flowers / Bungee Run Joe

I don't know if we had much rain in April, but we definitely have May flowers. We have a flower bed just outside our back door that is in full bloom. Here's Amaya standing in them. You have never seen so much beauty per square foot!

And here's Joe at the Cooper Tire picnic, on Memorial Day. He's doing the bungee run. He had to get a running start and see how far out he could get the bean bag before the bungee cord pulled him back. It was steamin' hot today. We had a great time. Just a few more days til summer vacation!