Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Thoughts

Things I'm Grateful for this year:
  • The start of the Christmas season - a time to remember our hope in Jesus Christ .
  • Growth and healing that God worked in my heart this year. Some of you know that I have struggled in my faith for several years, and that I found a way to move forward this year. Be on lookout for faith coming out in new ways.
  • 16 years together with a beautiful woman who loves me, and who devotes herself completely to our children.
  • Children who make their dad proud in many ways, and who know just when to scratch my head.
  • Being part of the Mars Clan. I feel so blessed to have parents who raised us in love, for the paths they chose, and what they taught us. Every one of my brothers and sisters amazes me.
  • To live in a time and a place where we enjoy so much freedom and prosperity.

Mama Mia! Joe's Recent Events

Joe played the part of Luigi in the production of 'All Aboard for Broadway'. He did a great italian accent, and made us all smile and laugh. He also got to spend a week at camp Storer on the 6th grade camping trip. Best part? "the food!"

Amaya's Fall Fun

Here is Amaya at a football game with her friends Alexis and Megan. And Lydi and Amaya playing in the leaves on our deck. Fall has gone by so quickly.

Wambold's Amazing Circus

OK. I'm a little late getting this onto the web. Its almost December, and this happened back in August. This is when we went to see Wambold's Amazing Animal Act at the Hancock County Fair.