Sunday, October 08, 2006

Cubmobile Races

Our pack built a cubmobile. We raced against other packs in the area yesterday in Kenton. That's about 1/2 hour south of Findlay. It has a great hill right down main street that we used for the race.

That's Joe preparing for launch...

Birthday Girl

For her 7th birthday, Amaya lost her 2nd front tooth!

The Mad River

We got to hang out with our Wunderlich cousins on the Mad river. And Elydia got her first canoe ride. That's Linda, Emma, and Amaya in the girl boat.

Hancock County Fair

Anna's rabbit pluto won 3rd place at the Hancock County Fair. Great Job, Anna!

Summer Vacation

For summer vacation, we went to Boston. It was awesome. We got to see Emily and Scott and Bruce. We saw lots of historic sites. That's a photo of Joe and Amaya at Paul Revere's gravestone. We probably searched throught the graveyard for 1/2 hour before we finally found it. We rode on the subway. Lydi had fun by reaching into a lady's purse and discombooberating it.

We went to the beach. There's Bruce getting muddy. And Elydia and Bruce enjoying a car-seat-fest in the suburban.

Other memorable moments:

Loosing several hours by detouring through the Catskill Mountains. We thought it would be fun to see them, since we had read 'My Side of the Mountain', which is set there. We saw them, but ended up not making it to Boston until the next morning.

Linda getting completely lost near Harvard Square when we went out for Indian food. We lost her for over an hour and were about to call the cops when she drove by our intersection. Emily chased her car down, though, and it all worked out OK.

We went to the science center and saw the world's largest Van DeGraff generator. They use it for a show on lighting. We also went to the Children's museum, which the kids tell me was quite enjoyable.

Will went on a run with Scott one day, and with Emily another.

Then we drove home. A long drive, but it was so great to see you guys.