Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

This year we remember with gratitude our Savior Jesus Christ. We are excited once again to enter the season where we celebrate His birth and His life. We are grateful for our family and friends, and the love they bring into our lives. We are grateful for our great country, for its founding fathers, and for the liberty we still enjoy because of their inspired wisdom. We are grateful for what God has entrusted into our hands, and we pray that He will bless our efforts to raise up those things in the right ways.

We also pray for the world Olive supply, that it will remain stable despite the demand of the growing Mars population.

May you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We are looking forward to seeing you at Christmas.

Chris and LaTrisha

Chris and LaTrisha got married on 12 October 2007. Here's a photo of the family at the wedding (right), and of the Mars brothers (left).

Akron Marathon

My brothers Dave and Dan ran the Akron Marathon this year. I took these photos from my 'cheering station' on the top of 'heartrate hill', which I believe was the highest elevation on the course.

A Mother's work is never done

Linda making arrangements on the phone, and cleaning up almost as fast as Lydi can make a mess.

Alpaca Joe

Our neighbor has a bunch of Alpacas. One of them looks just like Joe - Polaris. Can you see the resemblance?

Lydi was here...

Here is Lydi cheering for Anna during an LB football game. Anna was on the field playing flute with the Eagles' 7th grade band. Lydi loves our 'quiet room' where we keep all the crayons and coloring supplies. You can usually tell when she has had unauthorized access.

Lunar Eclipse

Joe took this series of images from our driveway in the early morning of 28 August. We had a total lunar eclipse. It lasted about an hour. I pasted the images together after the fact.