Saturday, March 31, 2007

Pinewood Derby and Joe's Play

Here are the boys from our Pack, on Pinewood Derby Night. Joe is not pictured - he was at play practice. His friend Devan raced the car he built, and took 2nd place.

Joe will be appearing in a play put on by Findlay's Youth Theatre - Aesop's (oh so slightly) Updated Fables. It runs on the following dates:

Fri, 27 April, 7 pm
Sat, 28 April , 7 pm
Sun, 29 April , 2 pm

Monday, March 26, 2007

Flaming Disaster

This is the heating element from our oven. It suffered a catastrophic failure when we were baking chicken nuggets. Anna noticed that the oven was on fire. Dad looked in to find the element arcing and melting. Dad tried to shut off the oven, but it kept arcing. Mom shut off power to the whole house and saved the day.

Sloppy Joes for Lydi

Here's Elydia showing off her lunch. Everyday she likes to show off new ways of being independent. Today, she wanted to go outside. She didn't have anything on except a diaper, and I said "oh you can't go out without pants on..." I was trying to buy a minute, intending to get her dressed as soon as I finished putting away some things. When I got back, I found her sitting on the laundry room floor trying to put on some pants. So, yes, she is picking up the language just fine.

Happy Birthday Joe!

Joe turned 10 this weekend. This is a photo of Joe at the BGSU planetarium. That's the star projector in the background. Joe and 5 buddies watched a show about Pluto and its new designation as a TNO. That "Trans-Neptunian Object" for you land-lubbers.

Joe just earned his Bear badge in cubs, finished up the Upward Basketball season, and is staying busy practicing for his part as the butcher in our local Youth Theatre's production of Aesop's (oh so slightly updated) Fables.