Sunday, February 03, 2008


In Anna's 7th grade English class, students studied and recreated Greek gods and goddesses. Anna decided to study Aphrodite. At the end of the project, she got to dress the part and make a 1st person speech.


Mom and Lydi bowling. Cooper's Research department recently took an afternoon at the bowling alley, along with our families. Lydi turned out to be a great bowler. Her score was only 2 points lower than her dad's score!

Lydi's Body Art

Lydi's artistic streak has started to show. She loves markers, and her favorite medium is herself.

Merry Christmas 2008

The Mars Cousins re-enacted the Nativity during our clan get-together at Christmas. Amaya was Mary, and Caleb was the baby Jesus.

Sisters In-Law

Leslie, Linda, and Sarah Leona sharing the joys of having a Mars-boy husband.

Surprise Visitors

Lydia, Ida, and Emery Edwards dropped in on us in early December. We have really missed having their family nearby, so it was a delightful treat to visit and catch up with them. While here, Ida called up Chris to reminisce about arm wrestling, and to say 'hi' to Chris' new wife LaTrisha.